In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services..

  1. When does the billing take place ?

    The first billing for the first month is made at the time of purchase and the second is on the 28th of the current month if the subscription is taken before the 28th of the current month. Renewals of the IPTV service are made at the beginning of the month. Reducing the billing period to the 28th of the current month avoids renewal errors in our system. Note: You do not lose any subscription days. One month subscription is simply added after the expiration date of your first month of subscription.

  2. Can I connect multiple boxes on the same service ?

    No. Your service will be blocked automatically. To reactivate it, we must disable the account and recreate it. A fee of US $ 20 will be charged if applicable.

  3. What are the benefits of IPTV?

    In addition to television shows, IPTV offers interactive services in various forms such as access to television series, radio sets, games, etc.

  4. Can I use an Android TV Box?

    Yes. However, all Android boxes are not equal to each other. Some work well, some do not. You will need to install a Set-up Box software such as STB Emu..

  5. What speed is needed?

    Most channels are HD and some are FHD. So you need 5 Mbps for HD IPTV (1080×720) and 15 Mbps for FHD (1920×1280) per STB (TV). Plus your speed for the internet, about 10 Mbps per person.

  6. Do you offer parental control?

    The parental control depends on the IPTV STB used.

  7. Can I use my own STB device compatible with your service?

    Yes, we provide the necessary configuration information, but you remain responsible for correct settings.